Our Story

Melayla Inc. was founded in early 2015 by Nancy Niklis (BSc, MSc) after she speflower1nt many
years getting scorched by the Asia-Pacific sun. During her time in this region she became acutely aware of the effects of the sun’s rays on her skin. She then began chatting with her friends about it over dinner or over coffee and they introduced her to this awesome EWG database. (She later also found other incredibly useful sites: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Think Dirty).

But she wanted to know more. She wanted to know what was behind the ratings and to be able to determine for herself if something was truly healthy and safe or not. However, after reading the long ingredient names on labels (that she couldn’t understand for the life of her!) and the flurry of conflicting information all over the internet, she ended up being more confused about what was healthy and safe than when she first started!

She turned to the experts and spent endless months scouring as much primary research as she could about all the ingredients in her skin care products. She was not impressed. She was shocked at what she found, which were things like ingredients that cause cancer; ingredients that open up pores to accept other molecules through the skin, ingredients that mess up hormones and ingredients that affect the nervous system. She thought to herself “Jeez! In 2015 with all the money put towards R&D for skin care products, I’m sure we can do better than this”. What she found out is that we are doing better than this and that gave her tons of hope!

She then began attending conferences and going to Expos to observe what was happening in the skincare industry. She was incredibly inspired to see a variety of products on the market that were beautiful, modern, hip, cool, urban, fun, sexy, chic, healthy and safe. What was even more impressive was that many of the products actually worked (aka they were more than just feel good fixes). It wasn’t like in the past when the quality of healthy and safe products were inferior to the regular and/or luxury brands (like when mascara barely worked). The skin care industry had really stepped it up.

After spending time talking with people, researching and attending events she decided to put her skills to good use. She decided to combine her new found interest of chemicals in beauty products and her educational background (her MSc focused on arsenic behavior in natural systems) to create Melayla Inc., a company that aims to put the power back into your hands by providing you with 1 super-easy-to-understand website. Nothing is posted on this site until all the primary and secondary research sources for products are thoroughly reviewed. All sources are referenced for those curious minds. We also aim to field test as many of the products as possible. At our core we provide:

  1. Performance luxury products that are truly healthy and safe.
  2. We do all the dirty work (aka the research) so you don’t have to. It’s our commitment to provide you with accurate, reliable, up-to-date and super easy-to-read information on exact product ingredients.
  3. An opportunity to co-create a massive database of products. You can do this by posting in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section under each entry. Feel free to tell us what you loved (or maybe not loved so much) about the products and we’ll tailor our future reviews to these product types. You can also suggest any products you would like to see reviewed by sending an e-mail to melaylainc@yahoo.com.

We hope you share our ultimate vision in creating a super easy to use database of skin care products that are beautiful, modern, hip, cool, urban, fun, sexy, chic, healthy and safe, all in one location. We look forward to co-creating Melayla Inc. with you, so come join The Melayla Inc. Tribe!

Much love, The Melayla Inc. Tribe